Basic prices of the company are based on tariffs and prices recommended by the National Board on appraisal activities in the Russian Federation. Appraisal services cost is not dependent on the value of an appraisal object but are determined by the complexity and the scope of the work done.

Calculation (budget) of the appraisal cost is agreed upon with the Customer after the appraiser has studied the appraisal object and made some preliminary analysis of primary information submitted by the Customer.

The appraisal of residential real estate for mortgage purposes is made on the basis of Agreements with banks at the following prices:

Cost of appraisal services
Appraisal object location
Moscow region
Category 1
Category 2
Category 1
Category 2
4500 rub.
5200 rub.
5000 rub.
5700 rub.

Category 1

  • Typical apartments.

Category 2

  • Apartments situated in premium buildings with guarded territory or front door, up-to-date infrastructure or expensive interior decoration.

The appraisal will be completed
in 3 working days.

Cost of urgent appraisal
within 1 day is calculated by multiplying basic cost by 1.5.

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